№ 9007

Satin clutch with printed “Tutti Frutti” design, Cartier

The print on the bag is inspired by the Tutti Fruiti piece of jewelry designed by Pierre Cartier in 1901, which was commissioned by Queen Alexandra to create a custom piece for her. The necklace was to be worn with three Indian gowns given to her by Mary Curzon, the wife of the Viceroy of India at the time. Cartier, being the masterful jeweler that he was, successfully blended the the vibrant colors typically used in Indian textiles with techniques of modern jewelry craftsmanship to create a unique and celebrated custom piece. This necklace was such a success that it led to future Royal commissions and also became the basis for future works by the House of Cartier. In the 1970s it got it's name Tutti Frutti.
France, , 1970-1980