№ 985

Minaudière inlaid with gold and sapphires, watch in lock, Lacloche Frères, Paris

The Jeweler's firm of Van Cleef & Arpels introduced the minaudière in the 1930s. Charles Arpels invented this small accessory as a substitute for the evening purse. According to press articles of the time Charles Arpels was inspired by watching Florence Gould, third wife of philanthropist Frank Jay Gould, toss several small, loose makeup items into a tin box. The minaudière consisted of a hard, often metal plated case with several compartments for lipstick, keys, cigarets and comb. Because of its size and its decoration with precious or semi-precious stones, with lacquer or mother-of-pearl the minaudière was also a piece of jewelry. Many jewellers, like the famous jewellery brand Lacloche Frères have created their own models. Originally the word 'minaudière' means 'a coquettish woman'.
France, 1930