Over the centuries the bag has always been on the move. It has been influenced by fashion, art history, decorative arts, as well as socioeconomic and political movements. That’s why an everyday object like the bag is so fascinating.

Since I am both the daughter of the founders of the former museum of Bags and Purses Hendrikje and the former director, I am naturally biased when choosing the collection’s masterpieces. It is even more difficult because my parents always collected the bags on the basis of their quality, special materials and shapes, and/or the beautiful stories. Growing up among the collection, I inherited the love of collecting bags and accessories.

It’s also difficult to make a choice since the collection includes so many gems. Because of the use of beautiful handicraft, the exceptional materials, the unique shapes, the quality and the history, all belong to the collection’s masterpieces.

Nevertheless, I made a selection that you will find below. Discover the versatility and uniqueness of the bags and accessories of the Ivo Collection, the collection of the former Museum of Bags and Purses in Amsterdam.